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Cooking Classes

Be sure to come hungry for food and knowledge.

Menus can also be customized for specific cooking classes.

Contact Chef John to make your Class or special event a great success.

You can also design your own private Cooking Class

Essential Methods

Starting at 35$

(All About Soup)

(5 French Mother Sauces)

(Sauté, Flambé & Pan frying)

(Art of Stir Fry)

(Roasting & Braising)

(Stove Top Grilling)

Classical Cuisine Cooking Classes

Starting at 35$

Favorite International Breakfast Dishes

American USA & Continental Cuisine

Italian Cuisine & Pasta-bilities Class

French Cuisine & Pastries Class

German Cuisine & Sauerbraten, Spaetzle

Spanish Cuisine & Tamales Workshop

Tex/Mex Cuisine & Mole Workshop

Holiday Cooking, Turkey with all the trimmings

Garde Manger Classes

Starting at 35$

Basic Knife Skills, The Mechanics
Advanced Knife Skills, Specialty Cuts

Party Hors d oeuvres/ Canapés 1,2 & 3

Fantastic Salads, Composed and leaf greens

Classical Salad Dressings

Sliced Fruit Displays & Easy Melon Centerpieces

Masterpiece in Cheese & The Deli Art Buffet

Easy Plate and Platter Garnishes

Easy Flower Carving for everyone

Simply Elegant Flower Carving

Advanced Flower Carving

Melon Carving Methods 1, 2 & 3

Pates, Terrines, Galantines

You too can make Sushi

More Classes

Meat Cutting and How to Filet Trout, Salmon...

Advanced Meat, Fowl & Seafood Cutting

Easy as Pie – Piece of Cake

Your Just Deserts

Chocolate Dreams 

Team Building Experience

Starting at 45$ per student

All Team Building Menus are specifically designed to enhance a Teamwork venue.

Contact our Resident Chef Gargone


Professional Cooks & Chefs

Starting at 45$ per student

Would you like to be the star in the kitchen.

Create fantastic garnished plates, platters and edible showpieces that are time and cost effective.

How about the best Demi-glace in 30 minutes

Fantastic Minestrone in 20 minutes…

Have you ever baked a roux or…


Young Adults Cooking

Starting at 35$ per student

Is your child a Food Network fanatic?

If you can get 6 children together for a private Hands on class our Chef will give them a cooking experience they will never forget.

Ages 8 and up please.

Contact our Resident Chef John Gargone


Bring the Family Classes

Starting at 45$ per student

Child under age 7- 25$

They say the Family the eats together stays together. What an enriching experience it is to cook with the family. Prepare an entire 3-course meal together. Do not worry Chef John is very patient and articulate and good with children. He will guide your family through the food prep process.

Have fun !

Chef John will not to confuse you with unusual ingredients that are hard to find or time consuming recipes that you may try one time. Chef John will share with you his best classical recipes and re-fined skills that he has acquired. These are practical methods that chefs use every day in the professional kitchen.


 Contact Chef John Gargone 540-641-1934

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