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DVD and Book series teaching professional culinary techniques for all skill levels

Food Garnishing & Fruit Displays     Knife Skills & Kitchen Safety

Food Art: Garnishing Made Easy Cook Book
Food Art garnishing Book

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Methods from 100 chefs
Culinary students from all over the world go to very expensive schools to learn the skills of creating beautiful food displays. They devote years of their life to create edible works of art that make dinning an experience.
But you dont have to. Let Chef Gargone show you amazingly easy, fast and effective methods learned during his 38 years of practical experience working with hundreds of chefs that you can use right now to turn any dish or meal into a stunning work of art!

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with our full 60 day guarantee.
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creating beautiful dishes now!
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Instructional DVD food art and knife skills

You can be a Culinary Star in your own home!
Imagine the next time you bring a dish to a family or group gathering and, instead of the usual plastic bowl or platter with wilted greens as a garnish, You walk in with a dish that looks like it was created in one of the top kitchens of the world! Imagine your pride and confidence when your mouth-watering beautifull dish is the main topic of discussion. And only you will know how sasy it is!


Chef John says he was compelled to write his book and produce the DVDs because everywhere he has shown these skills and presentations people were shocked at how quickly they were prepared and how perfectly arranged and presented the displays are. Every Display in appearance and flavor is truly a work of art. Chef John developed his own methods to produce consistent quality in presentation via a systematic approach anyone can learn. To this day no other text or video outlines his methods. Even his knife skills methods are total original. No school, book or dvd is even aware of his unique patented system to master knife skills.

John Gargone holds the record in Ripley’s Believe it or Not for slicing a cucumber in 36 even slices in under 8 seconds while blindfolded.



 Contact Chef John Gargone 540-641-1934

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