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If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Phone 760-773-9464 Located at 74945 Hwy 111 Indian Wells, CA 92210
(at the corner of COOK and Hwy 111)

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Kitchen Kitchen Presents

Cooking Classes For The Chef in You

All Classes have limited spaces. Please reserve your spot early.


FA01 Basic Knife Skills For Life- Hands-On 2 hours
Food Art Chef John Gargone
Monday 01/04/10  Time
5:30pm  Admission 35$

Impress yourself and your Guests
How to select, sharpen and hone your knife. Knife care and safety. 

Food Art’s unique system to the mechanics of knife skills. A 100% safe method to practice those skills with absolutely no fear of cutting yourself.

Slicing and dicing has never been easier. Bring your own knives from home to have them professionally sharpened for only 2$ each


FA02 Party Hors d oeuvres Semi Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art, Chef John Gargone

Tuesday 01/05 Time  5.30 pm  Admission 55$

Chef John takes the guess work on what to bring to your next party.

Recipes include cheese and crab puffs, Crostini, shrimp ceviche in cucumber cups, Tapenade dip with homemade tortilla crisps and Traditional empanadas.

Come hungry! Recipes included.


FA03 Easy Garnishes – Semi-Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art Chef John Gargone

Thursday 01/07  Time 5.30 pm  Admission 45$

Make it and take it! The fundamentals of food garnishing. How to make citrus crowns, vegetable cups to hold food, tomato star, Chinese cucumber garnishes, Apple birds and baskets, Bam-confetti, scallion ribbons and celery garnishes, Vegetable A-peeling designs, fans, potato and apple mushrooms, tomato rose and unique plate and platter border garnishing. No more green leaf!


FA04 How to; Sliced Fruit Displays & Centerpieces- Semi-Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art Chef John Gargone         
Monday 01/11  Time
12:00pm  Admission 45$

Make it and take it! How to a carve melon candelabra or a flower to hold food. Citrus Crowns, Pineapple sailboat appetizer, Apple birds in a cantaloupe bird cage. Chef John also demonstrates how to quickly carve a melon swan and how to peel, slice and fan melon slices to create hundreds of different fruit displays. We will enjoy the fresh sliced melon with a spiced yogurt dip.


FA05 Masterpiece in Cheese & Deli Art Demonstration 2 hours

Food Art, Chef John Gargone
Tuesday 01/12  Time
12:00pm   Admission 55$

Impress yourself and your Guests.

Watch how easy a quick you can transform any deli meat into an original work of art that your guests will truly enjoy. (No more rolling) and just like dealing cards that’s how quick you can create a Masterpiece in cheese. Learn how to get the Markets to do most of the work free! Also John Gargone (Author of Food Art; Garnishing Made Easy) will show how to decorate salads and display a buffet that will amaze everyone. No more green leaf! Enjoy our Deli Buffet for lunch.


FA18 You to can make Sushi- Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art, Chef John Gargone

Thursday 01/14  Time 5.30 pm  Admission 65$

Have fun learning the basics of making handmade sushi rolls! Come hungry and ready to have fun! Recipes: California Roll with Real Crab, Crispy and tangy Shrimp Roll with a Chili Japanese Mayonnaise, Fresh salmon sushi roll, Inside out roll with avocado and tuna, Philadelphia roll with cream cheese and Smoked Salmon. The entire menu is accompanied with Miso Soup, Wasabi, Soy Sauce, and Ginger


FA09 Advanced Knife Skills - Hands-On 2 hours
Food Art Chef John Gargone
Monday 01/18  Time
5.30 pm  Admission 35$

This is a continuation of our basic knife skills class. In this class we will learn all the professional cutting methods including Chopping and mincing, julienne, batonnet, angel hair, chifonade, wedge cutting, bias cutting, tourney and the perfect dice. Mass production cutting methods and quick clean up.  A simply fresh vegetable salad recipe.

FA06 One Two Three Desserts (demonstration)
Chef Garde Manger John Gargone
Tuesday 01/19  Time 5:30pm $45

Stop counting calories for a few days and indulge in these wonderful sweet treat recipes: How to make Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate butter cream, orange choux puffs filled with pistachio crème dipped in chocolate ganache and how to cross ingredients to make several different items. Take home the recipes and the skill!

FA13 Simply Elegant Flower Carving- Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art Chef John Gargone
Thursday  01/21 Time
5.30 pm  Admission 45$

Make it and take it!

Impress your guests and yourself when you create your own carved vegetable flower arrangement. Simple jicama and diacon daisies and white turnip Calla lilies, red onion mums, scallion paint brushes, pepper flowers and carrot tulips on birch twigs and scallion stems.


FA15 Basic Butchery Skills- Semi Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art, Chef John Gargone
Monday 01/25  Time
5.30 pm  Adssmiion 55$

Learn about all of the different knives you will need for butchery, filleting, and carving. Practice these techniques during this hands-on class. Break down your own fish and prepare skinless fillets. Break down your own chicken into eight pieces and boneless, skinless breasts. Learn how to carve beef, and poultry, as well as butterfly pork. Learn basic butchery preparation and storage. Chef will cook Herbed roasted chicken, Pork Florentine, Trout picatta milinaise and beef rouladen for your dinner


FA11 Even More Party Hor d oeuvres- Semi Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art, Chef John Gargone
Thursday 01/26  Time
5.30 pm  Admission 55$
Come Hungry! Angeled Eggs, Cherry tomatoes fresh basil mousse, Celery diamonds Roquefort, Gazpacho shooters, Scallop and pineapple Rumaki, All with appropriate sauces. Also students will practice professional Pastry bag techniques and specialty cutting. Bring a pad and pen to take notes. 


FA17 Advanced Flower- Carving- Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art Chef John Gargone
Thursday 01/28  Time 5;30pm   Admission 45$

Make it and take it!

We will carve roses from turnips and red beets, Tiger Lilies from zucchini, yellow squash and summer squash. Hand carved diacon daisies and white turnip calla lilies. Radish pansies and posies and How to create a flower display utilizing fresh florist supplies.


FA07 And More Party Hors d oeuvres Semi Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art, Chef John Gargone            

Tuesday 02/02  Time 5.30 pm  Admission 55$

Crispy stuffed Filo triangles, shrimp tempura, Chicken Ka Bobs. Baked brie with cranberry and roasted walnuts in puff pastry, Cream cheese and date chutney toasted almond pine cones, Easy mini Quiche Lorraine and recipes for Crab- Italian- Florentine and vegetable anise quiche.


FA16 Salads and Dressings 2 hours

Food Art Chef John Gargone
Tuesday 02/04  Time 5;30pm   Admission 55$

Country Club Salad menu and recipes for Cobb Salad, The Sunrise Salad, Chefs Salad, Grilled soy sesame chicken  on rice sticks, Modern Caesar salad, Mesculn salad bouquet, Cucumber ring Salad. Best recipe for Italian vinaigrette, blue cheese dressing, watercress dressing and Louie Dressing


FA10 Melon Carving Method 1- Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art, Chef John Gargone
Monday 02/08Time 5.30 pm  Admission 45$

Make it and take it!

The melon rind carving method is great to carve letters, numbers and figures to personalize your event. You will learn about cutting knives and methods, how to select a melon, templates to carve shapes and methods to turn that shape into a relief carving. If you can draw or trace, you can carve fantastic displays that will amaze even yourself.


FA14 Traditionally Fantastic Hors d oeuvres- Semi Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art Chef John Gargone
Thursday 02/11  Time 5;30pm   Admission 55$

Traditional Hors d oeuvres to include recipes and methods for Oysters Rockefeller, two types of clams casino, Poached shrimp with European and traditional cocktail sauce, Salmon medallions green mayonnaise, rolled beef horseradish cream, artichoke bottom with prosciutto mousse and melon garni,  


FA12 Melon flower Carving Method 2- Hands-on 2 hours

Food Art, Chef John Gargone

Wednesday 02/24 Time 5.30 pm  Admission 45$

Make it and Take it. How to use the V and U garnishing tools to carve flowers, designs and logos from whole melons. Teaching methods to produce high quality carvings. Learn to create hundreds of designs with just the basic knowledge of melon carving.

How to select a melon for this style of carving.

Purchase the garnishing kit and carving knife at 10% off.           


International Comfort Foods 6 part Series- Demonstration 2 hr.s

Food Art, Chef John Gargone

Chef John will ask periodically for helpers in all series classes.
(Wednesdays) Time 5.30 pm  Last Class 9:00am

Admission 65$ each class or 300$ for the Series


FA19 - 1st  Class- Italian Comfort

Menu and recipes for Chicken parmesan like you never had it so-a good. Traditional style meat-a-balls, Stuffed shells, Fresh Marinara sauce, Minestrone soup, Garlic bread, Green beans forestier and a Toasty and creamy Bread Pudding. Come hungry! Recipes included.


FA20 – 2nd Class- Spanish comfort

Menu and recipes for, Spanish Paella, Tamales, Spanish rice, Mexicali pan roasted corn and Caramel Flan, Come hungry! Recipes included.


FA21 – 3rd Class- Pasta-bilities

Menu and recipes and traditional methods for Pastas: Fettuccini Alfredo and primavera, Angel hair Basil and roasted red pepper pesto, Chicken Verdi rigatoni with sausage, mushrooms and peppers in a creamy basil sauce,  Linguini in white and red clam sauce, Baked Ziti  and recipes for Putanesca, Vodka sauce and Carbonara.


FA22 – 4th Class- Sea Fest

Menu and recipes for Lobster Bisque, Mussels Provencal, Pan seared Salmon grilled pineapple salsa, Paupettes of Sole Brandy Sauce and a perfectly easy rice pilaf .recipe.

FA23 – 5th Class- American Traditional Favorites

Menu and recipes for Chicken and dumplings, Pot-Roast Jardinière, Chili con carne, Barbecued Chicken, Sheppard’s Pie and stuffed baked potatoes.


FA24 – 6th Class- Best Breakfast Dishes    (THIS CLASS STARTS AT 9:00am)

Menu and recipes for Chili Rellenos, The perfect Omelet, Italian Spinach Frittata,

Vegetable Anise Quiche in Filo, Pineapple and Apple fritters, Eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce and stuffed French Toast.


Essential Cooking Techniques 6 Part Series Demonstration

Food Art, Chef John Gargone
Chef John will ask periodically for helpers in all series classes.

(Saturdays)  Time 5.30 pm  Admission  65$ each class or 360.$ for the series.


Menus are subject to change



FA25- 1st Class- All About Soup     

Soups from simple and delicious to elegant and satisfying

Mulligatawny- A creamy lightly curried chicken and apple soup. Traditional French onion gratin. Gazpacho, Manhattan Clam Chowder. and Vichyssoise All are served with the Italians favorite flat-bread, Focaccia. Come hungry! Recipes included.


0FA26- 2nd Class- Par blanching. What to prepare the day before, Poaching and (Court bouillons) to flavor poaching liquids, simmering and making stock. Recipes and menu to include, Mili Fanti soup. European cocktail shrimp martini. Chicken Oscar with asparagus, crab and hollandaise sauce. Broccoli Polonaise, Tourney parsley potatoes.  Come hungry! Recipes included.


FA27- 3rd Class- Grilling, Roasting and Braising Techniques.

We will demonstrate how to grill fish, vegetables, fruits and meats. How to tell the difference between rare, medium and well done meats just by touch. Which meats lend themselves to each cooking method. How to easily semi de-bone a cooked chicken. Recipes and menu- Grilled sea Bass with a grilled pineapple Salsa, Herbed Roasted Chicken, Braised Short Ribs Bon Fem, Grilled Italian Vegetables and Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes. Come hungry! Recipes included.


FA28- 4th Class- Wrap Cooking

Methods to cook meats and seafood in Puff pastry, Pasta sheets, Filo dough,

Recipes and Menu; Chicken pate in Napa with Cumberland sauce, Scallop Mousse and Spinach Pasta Pinwheels with Chardonnay sauce, Salmon Wellington fennel sauce, Chicken rollatini. Come hungry! Recipes included.


FA29-  5th Class- Sauté, Flambé, Sear and pan frying techniques. Prepare gourmet meals in 15 minutes such as Seared Ahi Tuna on wonton crisp. A creamy Shrimp Breval, Chicken Franchaise, Steak Diane, . Simple and unique rice pilaf and sautéed Carrot Tulips and Bananas Foster. We will also discuss mis en place (how to set up a work station). Come hungry! Recipes included.


FA30- 6th Class- (Sauces) Mother Sauces and variations.

To include binding agents and their uses, Stock making demonstrations, recipes,

Cold sauces, pan sauces, theory and more. Tasting with an assortment of classical international breads  


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