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Food Art Registration                                                        Todays Date________


Name__________________Last Name____________________________


Home Phone____________________  Cell Phone____________________




City_______________________     State_________    Zip Code__________


Emergency Contact   _________________________________Phone_______


Located at the La Quinta Senior Center 78-450 Avenida La Fonda, La Quinta, Ca.

Class limit is six students. First come first serve basis Reserve your spot asap.

You may complete the entire course in 8 Days or extend the classes over 8 weeks

Contact: John Gargone: Food Art at 760-342-8486  e-mail: 


Knife Handling Monday  5:30 to 6:30pm or 7 to 8pm   $100 Write Selected Date and Time   

1st Session   dates    10/22 – (11/5, 5:30 class) 11/19 – 12/3   Date ________ Time _________

2nd Session  dates    10/29 – (11/5, 7pm class) 11/26 - 12/10 Date ________ Time _________

Vegetables Apeeling Tuesday 5:30 to 7pm or 7:30 to 9pm  $150      

1st Session  dates     10/23 – 11/6 – 11/20 – 12/4   Date ________ Time _________

2nd Session  dates    10/30 - 11/13 – 11/27 – 12/11   Date ________ Time _________

Fruit Art      Wednesday  5:30 pm to 7pm or 7:30 to 9pm  $150  

1st Session  dates     10/24 – 11/7 –  (11/28, 5:30 class) – 12/5  Date ________ Time _________

2nd Session  dates    10/31 – 11/14 – (11/28, 7:30 class) – 12/12 Date ________ Time _________

Deli Art       Thursday   5:30 pm to 7pm or 7:30 to 9pm  $100

1st Session  dates      10/25 – 11/8-12/6   Date ________ Time _________

Masterpiece In Cheese  Thursday  5:30 pm to 7pm or 7:30 to 9pm         $100   

1st Session  dates      11/1 – 11/15 – 11/29 – 12/13  Date ________ Time _________


               Sign up for Food Art (1) thru (5)   Save 100$ off regular price plus a Food Art Text Book- $500


                Students take home all displays. All Food Products are Included in the Admission Fee.

Students may bring to class Trays, Platters and bowls should be white, black or natural. Mirror, tile, metal is ok.

Square, Round or Oval shapes ok. Plain Rim and flat surfaces are essential.  Or Students ma have to-go platters at no extra cost.

Students may bring their own sharp knives (No Serrated Knives) or purchase them from class. Check or cash only.

Please transport knives safely in a towel or a case. Always point knives down when walking.



                How to Register On Line: Copy and paste form to e-mail

                Mail In - Print and Complete this form, enclose a check made payable to; Food Art,: P.O. Box 44 Indio, California 92202

Please write your Driver License number, State and exp. date at the bottom of the check.

A money order, Cashier check or a Personnel check is acceptable as payment.

                If you would like a returned receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.


                TRANSACTION POLICY

Admission fee must be paid with Registration form mail in 1 week prior to the course start date.

The Admission fee will be refunded if we cancel the course due to low attendance or unavailability.

A refund will also be issued if we cannot accommodate your selected dates and it  becomes impossible for you to attend our available dates.

No refund policy; refunds will not be issued due to students non-attendance.


I herby agree to indemnify and hold harmless John Gargone Food Art and the City of La Quinta, Senior Center in La Quinta and any of its Officers, Clients, Agents or Employees from any liability of claim or action for damages from or in any way arising out of the participation in this program by the person registered.



                Signature__________________________                         Date__________       

You may purchase Food Art courses on our secure site with a credit or debit card.
Due to class limitations contact Food Art via e-mail or
phone 760-342-8486 for confirmation of availble dates and times.

Professional Knife Handling

Fruit Art Course

Deli Art Course

Vegetables Apeeling Course

Masterpiece in Cheese

Food Art text book

Special Food Art Course Package - Save $125  - Total $500

 Contact Chef John Gargone 540-641-1934

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