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Food Art; food garnishing made easy
Food Art Culinary Course

`Food Art Courses;

Course Outline for Non-Credit Continuing Education Programs 2004

Each * represents a 2.5 hour class and the + are advanced courses.   

Food Art (1)

Knife Handling Techniques * *

Tools of the Trade

Safety and Care

Selecting a Knife                              

Sharpening Knives

Steeling Knives

About Vegetable Peelers

Sharpening Peelers

Knife Grip

Slice, Dice and chop, shred and julienne

On the bias

Wedge cutting techniques                            


Vegetables Appealing Designs *

Introduction to food garnishing

Specialty Slicing Techniques

Plate and Platter Garnishing

Salad Border Garnishing *


Salad Ideas

Choosing a platter

Pattern techniques 

Border designs as a food holder       end cc (1)                  

Salad and Table Centerpiece *        

Citrus Crowns                                 

Squash and Cucumber Flowers       

Onion Cups and Flowers                

Vegetable Tulips                             

Tomato Roses                              

Potato and Apple Mushrooms       

Potato Daisy arrangement                end cc (2)                     

Fruit Display Methods *

Peel and Section Citrus                   

Peel and Slice Melon                        

Fan Melon Slices                             


Food Art (2)


Fruit Fantasia *+

Preparation Techniques                       

Pattern Designs Ends Crash Course


Fruit Centerpieces **

Melon Crowns and Flowers            

Bird Cage

Apple Love Birds

Apple Fans

Pineapple Sailboat                           

Sectioned Pineapple                        

Fruit Basket         


Masterpiece in Cheese *

Methods of Preparation

Presentation Techniques

Pattern Designs


Fresh Vegetable Presentations *

Methods of Preparation

Presentation Techniques

Pattern Designs


Deli Art Creations *

Preparation Methods

Presentation Styles

Pattern Designs            


Advanced Food Art

Melon Sculpture Display +++      

Sea Shell and melon Daisy              

Carving Letters and Numbers

Carving Fish and Seaweed

Carving Birds

Swan and Peacock

Wedding and Baby Carriage

Easter Bunny

Edible Sculpture++

Bread Centerpieces

Butter and Cream cheese Sculpting

Food Art; Garnishing Made Easy

Course Outline for Non-Credit Continuing Education Programs 2004


Instructor: John V. Gargone 570-620-0979 teacherfood@micro-link.net www.foodgarnishing.com


Course Description/Summary:

This is a hands on course which offers a systematic approach to food display, food garnishing and the creation of edible centerpieces


Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion the student will learn professional knife handling techniques, be able to create edible centerpieces and garnishes and present any food product in an artistic manner with all the confidence of a professional.


Reference Material:

Title, Food Art; Garnishing Made Easy

Author, John V. Gargone

Publisher, Schiffer Publishing LTD

ISBN: 0-7643-1960-4

Retail $19.95

Food Art may be purchased through the Author


Total Hours of Instruction:                                                   

Food Art (1) 6 classes 18 hr.

Food Art (2) 6 classes 18 hr.

Food Art Advanced 6 classes 18 hr.

Total course is 18 Classes 54 hours

Student capacity 10 per. class


Crash course in Food Art = cc

3 2.5 hour classes

Student capacity 15 per class


Targeted Students

For home cook to the professional chef.


Age Bracket:   16 to 65


  • Food Art (1) & (2) and advanced Students may keep knives, Platters,  Food Art book and edibles.
  • Knives included French, Paring, vegetable knife, peeler, stone and daisy cutter
  • Crash Course Students may keep edibles and purchase the Food Art book and daisy cutter.

Admission Fee:

Food Art Crash Course             Materials $40.    Instructor Fee $50.    House fee $60.-------  $150.00

Food Art Advanced -                Materials $75.    Instructor Fee $150.  House fee $75.-------  $300.00

Food Art (1) -                           Materials $60.    Instructor Fee $150.   House fee $90.------- $300.00

Food Art (2) -                           Materials $90.     Instructor Fee $150.   House fee $60.------- $300.00


Complete Food Art Course        Materials $250.  Instructor Fee $250.   House fee 250.-------  $750.